Covid-19 attendance form

Common questions about the attendance register form

This section is dedicated to answering questions about the Covid 19 attendance registration form that we are offering as our current promotion.

To signup now, go to the signup form

Why is it free?

We’re giving back to the community by doing our bit to help. We hope to help businesses to stay compliant with their obligations without having to have another expense. Of course this will expose our business and what we do, without any obligation, and you may see the benefit in obtaining other online forms for your business.

How long is this promotion for?

The current anticipated cut off date for free sign ups will be November 30, 2020. We will monitor registration numbers and we may have to put measures in place if the load outweighs our ability to provide a free service. If the pandemic conditions do not change, this form will remain active to receive submissions for the duration of 12 months per sign up. After 12 months, clients will be invited to continue with our services, or they will have a period of time to export all the information for their own business record keeping.

After you sign-up, choose the option to include your logo. To avoid peeople sending us 50mb files unnecessarily, we have removed it from the sign up process. If you already have a logo on your website, we can obtain it there, or we will ask you to send us a jpg, png or gif based image that can be inserted into the form.

Can I have information on the thank you / confirmation page?

Yes, you can have additional information on the confirmation page to let your patrons know a little more information about your business, or give them instructions in their current context.

Can I enter attendance from paper based methods that I have already collected?

Yes, you can enter submissions that you have already collected, into your secure admin area, so that you don’t have to have paper based records lying around.

Can I get more than one form for my businesses?

The limit is one per venue. Please contact us directly if you have more than two venues.

Do you insert ads on the forms or any part of this service?

No, there are no ads, promotions or additional content that would distract from the attendance register - just the form, and a confirmation page. There is a small “powered by fuzzform” at the bottom of the thank you page.

Do you advertise to my users or send them anything?

No, there is no communication or any activity between us and your clients/patrons.

What about data privacy? Do you collect information about my clients?

No, we do not do anything with the information that is submitted. It is stored in your secure area, and will remain there for you to access as long as you need to retain it. You are able to export if required, and then delete the records if you wish. As part of our services, we will advise you when the general retention periods for these records have been reached, so that you can dispose of them accordingly.