General information

Common questions about FormFuzz

FormFuzz provides services to collect information directly from your social media, website, online channels and apps.

What kind of formats do you use?

We create forms in website and PDF formats. The website format (HTML) is responsive, meaning it can be viewed from many devices of different sized screens.

Where is the information stored?

We use secure online databases to store submitted content. It can be retrieved, managed and exported by you using an online interface.

Can I embed my form on social media? e.g. a facebook page?

Yes, you can publish your form on facebook and allow your audience to fill it in directly from facebook.

Yes, you can link directly to your form from any internet service - it will load as a standalone web page.

Can I submit information using a PDF form?

Yes, you can use a PDF form to collect information, however the PDF design will not be used/stored, only the submitted information. Note: Where possible, we recommend you use website based methods.

Do you offer a conversion service from PDF or print based forms to digital forms?

Yes, this is the most popular service we provide. It allows businesses to remove the need for paper based forms.

What types of forms can you make?

We make all sorts of forms including:

  • Registration & application forms
  • Quotation and order forms
  • Feedback and enquiry forms
  • Booking and reservation forms … to name a few